Is there a way to hear an example of what your electric and air horns sound like before I purchase one?

We have just recently added to our website the sounds for all of our electric and air horns.

The link above will take you to our website and By clicking the play button below the part numbers you can play the horns sound.  We have also provided links to images and other info on  horns below the sound bars.


What is the the size and type of fuse used in the 2608A charger output.

The 2608A is a single output 6 amp  battery charger.  The replacement fuse for this unit is a 10 amp 250volt fast acting AGC fuse.

Our recommendation for a replacment fuse  is a  Anchor  fuse part number 601100

The Marinco shore power cord connecting the boat to the pedestal sometimes sags or falls into the water. Does it matter that the cord is in the water?

Although we have never heard of any incident caused by the submersion of a properly maintained shore power cable, the materials and the design are not intended for underwater use. Good electrical practice is to keep the cable out of the water, and stored out of the weather in a dry location when not in use.

We sell clips and hooks that can be used to keep 30 amp shore power cable out of the water. (Part number is CLIP and CLIP-01)

The manual for the N20704S N20703S N20703W and N20704W Day and Night Plus Solar Vent says for a hatch installation a spacer ring (N10863SP or N10864SP) is required. I can not find the spacer ring being sold anywhere.

With the new vents the spacer ring was not required. The spacer ring was made to  fill in the gap  between the  hatch and the trim ring. It was not used to keep water out or any other reason than to fill the gap.  What most people found out was that if you flip the trim ring  upside down and slide it up with the flat part towards the hatch  the spacer ring was not needed.  Due to lack of sales and solution of flipping the trim ring. The spacer ring has been discontinued.