Can I extend the DC cables from my battery charger?

Yes. You can extend the length up to 20 feet using 10 AWG marine grade, tinned copper stranded wire.

We also recommend keeping the fuses with in 1′ of the battery.


Can I mount my battery charger on the floor?

We do not recommend it. However if the floor is your only option, be sure to use spacers between the floor and the charger to ensure maximum cooling in this configuration.

Note: The charger may become less efficient if mounted on a floor due to heat build up.

How do I connect my battery charger in a 24V application?

Our Guest battery chargers (2611A, 2613A,  and 2631A) are pre-wired with both positive and negative leads for each battery.

So you can connect the 5, 10 or 20 amp outputs to each (12 volt) battery regardless of a parallel, series or independent set of 12 volt batteries.

6 volt batteries can be put in series and charged by connecting the positive lead of the charger to the positive post on the first 6 volt battery and connecting the negative lead of the charger to the negative post of the second 6 volt battery.

How Do Your Three-Stage Chargers Work?

Stage 1 or Bulk Stage the charger uses its full amp output to do the heaviest charging, quickly bringing your battery to about 75% of capacity; on models with red and green indicator lights, only the red is on.

Stage 2 or Absorption Stage the current flow slows, adjusts to maximum efficiency, and gently tops off the battery to about 98% of capacity; on models with red and green indicator lights, both are on.

Stage 3 or Float Stage the charger applies a lower voltage to maintain full charge and prevent discharge; on models with red and green indicator lights only the green is on.