Is there a way to hear an example of what your electric and air horns sound like before I purchase one?

We have just recently added to our website the sounds for all of our electric and air horns.

The link above will take you to our website and By clicking the play button below the part numbers you can play the horns sound.  We have also provided links to images and other info on  horns below the sound bars.


How do you determine negative and positive on the electric horns?

Our electric horns have no polarity. There is no specific positive or negative wire.

However, for air horns with a compressor, the polarity is important, and is clearly marked next to the terminals on the bottom of the compressor with the positive and negitive symbols.

What is the best way to mount “above deck” Air & Electric horns?

All horns should be mounted with the open end angled slightly downwards and facing forward towards the bow of the boat. This allows any water spray to drip out and avoid damage to the sounding mechanisms inside the horns.

Try to select an installation position on the boat with minimum curvature and where only a small amount of spray will hit the horn.