What are the electrical current capacities for the ConnectPro DC Electric Plugs and Receptacles?

40 Amps. It will accept 8 to 10 gauge wire.

For larger wire, use the 12VBRAD for up to 6 gauge wire.


Which DC Electric Receptacles will accommodate 6 gauge wires?

The 12VBRAD, 305CRRB, or 2018BR series receptacles can all handle 6 awg wire.

  • The 12VBRAD is an adaptor for the 12VBR that allows 6 awg wire to be used.
  • For the 305CRRB you will need to crimp large 6 gauge ring terminals onto the wires.
  • The 2018BR has terminals that handle a max 6 awg wire.

My reverse Y adapter (167RY, 167RYN, and 167RYN2, RY504-2-30) is not working.

It is possible the 30 amp receptacles at the dock are on a single phase.Together, they are only putting out 125 volts between them rather than 250 volts which is required for the adapter to work.

Test the two receptacles with a volt meter to confirm there is a total of at least 208 volts between them.

  • If the meter reads less than 208 volts, the RY504-2-30 reverse Y cannot be used.
  • If the receptacles are reading 208 volts or more, then it is possible that the adapter is defective and needs to be sent back to Marinco for warranty evaluation.

Another possible reason is that the polarity is reversed on the dock receptacles. There are reverse polarity testers available. If your boat’s AC panel is not equipped with one, check with your Marina operator.