The manual for the N20704S N20703S N20703W and N20704W Day and Night Plus Solar Vent says for a hatch installation a spacer ring (N10863SP or N10864SP) is required. I can not find the spacer ring being sold anywhere.

With the new vents the spacer ring was not required. The spacer ring was made to  fill in the gap  between the  hatch and the trim ring. It was not used to keep water out or any other reason than to fill the gap.  What most people found out was that if you flip the trim ring  upside down and slide it up with the flat part towards the hatch  the spacer ring was not needed.  Due to lack of sales and solution of flipping the trim ring. The spacer ring has been discontinued.


Why do you refer to the vents as a 3 and 4 inch when they are actually 3 1/4 and 4 1/4 inches?

It depends on what diameter of which part of the unit you are measuring.

The inside diameter of the cylindrical chambers where the fan blades rotate are 3 inches and 4 inches. Since there are so many variables in the measurements that are so close in size, it is generalized to the two categories for ease of reference.

In other words, anything from 3” to 3 15/16” is categorized as a 3 inch product. Anything from 4” to 4 15/16” is categorized as a 4 inch product.

What is the difference between the Day & Night Plus and the Day & Night 2000?

The Day & Night Plus is the new design which does not snap in to a deck plate like the original Day & Night 2000 did.

They are a fixed mount unit which fastens to the mounting surface without the use of a flanged ring used by the previous version. If replacing the Day & Night 2000 with the Plus, then the white deck ring for the original vent must be removed in order to install the “Plus” model.

They are taking the place of the snap-in vents which have been discontinued. The Day and night Plus will fit in the same cut out.

Why has my solar vent stopped working?

Most likely it is the battery. When the battery goes bad, it acts as a short circuit, causing the vent to stop working, even in strong sunlight.

  • If you remove the battery, and hold the vents solar array in the sun, the fan should start spinning right away which is a sign that a replacement battery from a local electronics dealer should solve the problem.
  • If it does not, be sure to hit the switch to verify that the vent is on. The switch is located above the fan blades.
  • If still not then there must be something else wrong such as a defective motor or switch, or a bad connection from the solar array.

We offer a 2 year warranty on these products. If applicable, please contact our Technical Support Department for warranty information. Otherwise, we suggest contacting a marine dealer for information on ordering a new vent.