How do you replace the battery in the Day and Night Plus Vent? (models N2060xx and N2070xx)

The battery is under the solar array.

  1. To get to the battery remove the three screws that hold the top section of the vent to the base.
  2. Once removed the solar array (clear section) should be able to be removed. Warning be careful when removing the array as there are two very small wires connecting the solar array to the top section of the vent. (On stainless steel units the solar array can be removed without removing the stainless steel cover)
  3. The battery is located in the center under the solar array.
  4. Once the battery is removed place the solar array back on the vent and try the vent without the battery to be certain it is just the battery that needs to be replaced.
  5. If it works without the battery in direct sunlight or a 100 watt bulb the battery is the problem.  Replace the battery with a new battery and secure the unit back down to the deck.

Replacement battery specs are here.