I can’t find a “deluxe” straight blade to fit onto my “deluxe” wiper arm?

We no longer offer “deluxe” straight blades, since a curved blade will work just as well on a flat windshield as it does on a curved one. There no longer is a need for two different style blades since one can handle both jobs.


What size wiper arm and wiper blade do I need?

This depends on what size windshield you have, how much area you are trying to cover, and what type of motor is being used.

Refer to our wiper motor, arm, and blade compatibility chart in the AFI wiper section of our website or in the AFI online catalog.(Add new post with charts the tie to this post)

How do you wire the wiper motors, specifically the self park feature?

On the multi speed motors, the self park contact should be connected directly to the positive so it has current available all the time.

Once the motor is shut off this will provide enough power to turn the motor till the motor reaches the park position and breaks the connection with the positive.

Instructions can be download  here:

MRV Heavy Duty Wiper Motor
AFI 3.0 Heavy Duty PLUS Wiper Motor
AFI 2.5 Heavy Duty Wiper Motor
AFI 1.5 Heavy Duty Wiper Motor
AFI 1000 Waterproof Wiper Motor