Why is the RG59U Bare Copper and not stranded?

The RG59U is used for TV’s & SAT NAV’s. If the RG59U were stranded, the stranding of the wire would fold at the time of insertion. After tinning wire the stranding become very soft. In the application of TV & SAT NAV’s, the wire needs to be very strong.

RG 59U
250′ roll is part number 151025
500′ roll is part number 151050


Are your Rocker Switches Ignition Protected Waterproof?

Sealed Rocker Switches are UL 1077 Recognized

  • Certified for prolonged submersion under pressure (front panel sealing) and UL Ignition Protected. Certified to IP66/IP68.
  • Withstands extreme temperatures from -40°C to + 85°C.
  • Endurance: 150,000 cycles minimum. Rating: 20A at 12V, 10A at 250V AC, 15A at 125V AC

Why is ANCOR recommending using ‘safety’ duplex with Yellow & Red inner conductors?

ANCOR recommends yellow wire as DC negative because black is the standard color for AC hot. There have been many cases of people working on their DC systems who have inadvertently cut the live AC wire. Because of the wide spread use of inverters, power generators and shore power connections, even today’s smallest boats pose a risk of inadvertently cutting into AC wires when working on DC systems.